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Galloway calls for Fitzpatrick resignation

August 16, 2009

Jim Fitzpatrick“Jim Fitzpatrick has lost all credibility. He should resign as a government minister.” So demanded George Galloway this morning as it emerged that Fitzpatrick’s account of events at the Muslim wedding he snubbed omitted some crucial facts.

Galloway continued: “If the account given by the groom in the Telegraph is to be believed, it now emerges that Fitzpatrick’s wife was not told by anyone in authority at the wedding that she should go to the women only section, that Fitzpatrick did not take the issue up with the wedding organisers, and that the family of the groom contacted Fitzpatrick as soon as they became aware of the misunderstanding and invited him and his wife back to the wedding to join an unsegregated table.

“This makes it abundantly clear that Fitzpatrick was simply using this wedding to pursue a political vendetta against the Islamic Forum of Europe, entirely misdirected as it turned out, and to pander to those who have prejudices against Muslims and Muslim traditions.

“Fitzpatrick chose to do this over an event that should have been the happiest day of this young couple’s life, which the families will have spent thousands of pounds organising and which Fitzpatrick was privileged to have been invited to.

“He has been an MP for a constituency with a large Muslim minority long enough and he will have attended enough Muslim weddings in that time to know that these weddings are traditionally segregated for Muslim men and women but that exceptions are almost invariably made for non-Muslim men and women on the basis that offence should not be given to those with different traditions and expectations.

“I note Fitzpatrick now says he will apologise for offending the couple and that he left the wedding discreetly. But this must be a bad joke. He went straight to the press and made a statement about his outrageous treatment at the wedding. This is unacceptable behaviour by a government minister and MP. More than that, this behaviour has discredited him as a representative of this government. If he does not do the decent thing and resign, Brown should sack him.”



Councillor Abjol Miah has made the following statement about Fitzpatrick’s comments: “This is a cynical move from a desperate man looking to benefit from prejudice. His constituents deserve to know if this move was approved by Labour Party HQ and if Rushanara Ali, Labour’s candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow, will denounce these divisive comments.”

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  1. August 16, 2009 5:35 pm

    have you got a link to the Telegraph story that’s metioned? I had a quick search but can’t see it.

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