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Breaking news: Tower Hamlets College strike success

September 24, 2009

Tower Hamlets Respect has just learnt that striking staff at Tower Hamlets College have won their demands and voted to return to work.

One activist has said:

The strikers at Tower Hamlets College were always keen to stress that their fight was about more than their jobs, it was about the ramifications of those cuts on the community they serve. This was reflected in the overwhelming support they received from local people.

Tower Hamlets Respect congratulates College staff on their victory and the stance they have taken in defending access to education in the local community.

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  1. East Ender permalink
    September 26, 2009 2:35 pm

    As much as the media and certain council
    members say that there are divisions within
    Tower Hamlets they could not be more wrong.
    The cuts in classes would have a hug impact
    to all in the local community and Nu Labour
    and people like MP Fitzpatrick the sli’c’ko
    Tory Boys and Lib Who’s! who try to stir up
    tensions could not be more wrong, we are a
    community! and we love it that way Nu Labour
    have been getting away with far far to much
    with there spin and free new sheets the East
    end fairytale painting over the cracks for
    far to long All I say is we have had enough
    we don’t need the tunnel visioned SWP to lead
    us the Respect way I know is the way to go

    “This was reflected from support they received
    from local community”
    big up to Tower Hamlets we can show them.

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