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Mayoral campaign launch – 2pm Mulberry Place Tuesday 29th September 2009

September 27, 2009
with George Galloway MP, Councillor Abjol Miah, Councillor Dulal Uddin, Councillor Mamun Rashid and Councillor Abdul Munim

The Respect Party will be launching its campaign for a directly elected mayor in Tower Hamlets this Tuesday outside the Town Hall with George Galloway and the Respect group of councillors. There will be photo opportunities and opportunities for interview.

George Galloway commented in advance of Tuesday’s launch: “We have had four different leaders of the council in five years, none of them widely known to the voters and none of them elected with reference to the voters of Tower Hamlets. They have been selected purely on the basis of machinations inside the Labour Party. Yet these people exercise enormous influence over how almost a billion pounds of taxpayers money is spent. There is no doubt we need strong leadership to address the problems of this borough but this leadership must be directly accountable to the voters. Only a directly elected mayor, as they have in Hackney and Newham, will give us this.”

Councillor Abjol Miah, the leader of the Respect group on the council also commented: “The council has done the minimum to make voters aware that there is a consultation process on whether to change to a directly elected mayor which closes at the end of October. That is because they and the Tories want to keep the present secretive and unaccountable system. This is a disgrace. You don’t even have to support the idea of a directly elected mayor to support the holding of a referendum on the issue. But both Labour and the Tories want to deny us even this. It’s a disgrace. We want everyone to phone in, or email in or write in to the council by the end of October demanding a referendum.”


  • To visit the Tower Hamlets Council consultation page click here
  • To go straight to the vote page click here
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