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The nasty party just got a lot nastier

October 6, 2009

Cam Osb

“We are now seeing the real Tory Party picking on the weakest, the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.” This was the reaction of George Galloway MP to the announcement from David Cameron that they are going to slash incapacity benefit for those too disabled and ill to work and to raising the pension age.

“The government now puts all incapacity benefit claimants through the wringer before they qualify for payment,” continued Galloway. “I have had literally dozens of former claimants, severely disabled or ill and clearly unable to work, into my surgery complaining that they have been taken off incapacity benefit. There really are very few people who slip through the net now and many who should be getting enhanced benefits but who are not. As for the pension, he is telling people who have paid for their state pension their whole lives that they are just going to have to carry on working and working. You can bet this won’t apply to Cameron and his friends.”

“We have over 11,000 people here in Tower Hamlets on incapacity benefit, one of the poorest and most deprived areas in the country,” commented Councillor Abjol Miah, leader of the Respect Group. “They are going to be plunged even further into poverty, hardship and debt if the Tories get their way. All their huffing and puffing about how they care for the poor, the unfortunate and the vulnerable is exposed today. This is the party of the rich for the rich.”

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