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‘Trust school’ plan is simply privatization

October 15, 2009

Respect Councillor Dulal Uddin has a letter in today’s East London Advertiser condemning the Council’s consultation excercise on making St Paul’s Community School a ‘Trust’. The letter is below or you can read the Advertiser online, which also features letters from other Respect supporters, here.

The council’s proposal to turn St Paul’s Community School into a ‘Trust’ is privatisation by any other name. The majority of governors for this trust school will be appointed by this unaccountable ‘Trust’ with only one governor elected by the parents. It will have its own admissions policy and be quite independent of the local authority. These two changes alone will remove the school from any local accountability and accountability to parents.

St Paul’s is having major publicly-funded investment at the moment to ensure the pupils get the best standard of education. It is quite wrong now to hand this over to a private and unaccountable body. New Labour does not seem to have learned the lessons of the disastrous housing choice privatisation of the council’s housing stock. We don’t need privatisation, we need good quality teaching from a dedicated staff and a commitment to invest in education in the most deprived area which St Paul’s serves.

The council is currently carrying out a ‘consultation’ exercise over Trust status which is due to end on 26th October. It is heavily biassed towards persuading parents to accept the change. But Trust status is very strongly and cogently opposed by the National Union of Teachers nationally and locally. I very much hope the proposal is rejected.

Councillor Dulal Uddin, Respect Group Deputy Leader
Town Hall
Mulberry Place E14

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