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Galloway challenges Fitzpatrick to debate

October 16, 2009

George GallowayGeorge Galloway this morning issued another challenge to Jim Fitzpatrick to a debate. “Gordon Brown has agreed to debate David Cameron so why is Jim Fitzpatrick so frightened to debate with me,” said Galloway. “He likes press conferences, with reluctant Labour councillors dragooned into giving him lukewarm support. But he won’t go out in front of the public on live TV and debate out the issues which the Bangladeshi community is concerned about. Clearly he is just too frightened.

“So this morning I issue another challenge to Jim Fitzpatrick. Come and debate with me on any of the Bengali TV stations that will host a debate and let the voters themselves decide who is right and who is wrong – on housing, on education, on the economy, on job opportunities fro our young people, on Palestine, on Iraq, on Afghanistan and of course on the question of traditional Muslim weddings. Indeed let the public phone in and ask any question they like. I’m up for it. The question is why isn’t Jim Fitzpatrick.”

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  1. October 16, 2009 1:33 pm

    lightning can strike twice

    The trembling earth quake that hit the streets of Tower Hamlets in 2005 will occur again according to some experts 😛

    Galloway’s victory was not just a jammy number-8 ball that knocked the Pro-Zionist, Pro-War MP Oona King who left very little legacy after serving 2 terms in office. Little do you hear of the good things she done for the residents of this borough. She done jack.

    Galloway broke a dead lock which many Labour opportunists are so grateful for. Yet, little did they think that a new girl in town would parachute her way in and take the prize – a parliamentary candidacy for the Labour machine within the ‘goldmines’.

    I feel sorry for them to be honest. How can all 80+ nominees be so naïve and stupid to let Ali just slide through like that? And they say they know politics. Fools.

    Once again, a battle has commenced.


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