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We’re backing our postal workers!

October 21, 2009

Royal Mail’s millionaire bosses are out to break the postal workers’ CWU union. That can be the only explanation for the decision to begin recruiting a 30,000 strong alternative workforce to undermine the forthcoming strikes by postal workers.

Back the postiesAdam Crozier, the Royal mail boss who has pocketed some £6 million in pay and bonuses since 2003, has decried the unions for their “appalling and unjustified attack on customers.” But we should remember that it is the Royal mail’s own executives who have been cutting back the service to customers for years – no doubt hoping to get even richer with the privatisation of our postal service.

It is the postal workers themselves who have stood up for our service – and faced bullying and intimidation from managers for their troubles.

Disgracefully, Royal Mail’s attacks on their workforce are being fully supported by New Labour’s ministers including the unelected Lord Mandelson, no doubt still smarting from his failure to privatise Royal Mail earlier this year. Mandelson wants to use this dispute to weaken trade union resistance to New Labour’s plans for ‘reform’ of the public sector – reform which inevitably means cut backs in services and yet more privatisation.

Respect MP George Galloway has given his wholehearted backing to the postal workers’ fight saying, “Nobody likes disruption of the post, least of all the postal workers who will lose pay from their already pitiful wages.

“The CWU is not opposed to modernisation. But like most of us they want a modernisation that makes the postal system better – for everyone.

“It’s not just the greedy bankers who seem addicted to the bonus culture. Royal Mail’s executives have awarded themselves £10 million in bonuses for ‘increased efficiency.’ But it is not they who have to struggle under the weight of ever-larger bags of mail while service users make do with fewer deliveries and collections.

“Today the postal service is at the sharp end of the assault we can all expect to face should David Cameron be elected to Number 10 next year. The tragedy is that this attack is happening under the watch of the Labour Party, a party that still takes millions of pounds of trade unionists’ money every year – including from the CWU itself.

“Postal workers deserve better. They deserve the wholehearted support of all trade unionists and everyone who wants to see the maintenance of the universal postal service – run as a service for the public benefit of all.”

Download the ‘I’m backing our postal workers!’ poster to display in your window

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