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Robin Hood Gardens residents walk out of meeting with council

November 3, 2009
Robin Hood residents

Cllr Dulal Uddin with Robin Hood residents and community activists

Residents of the Robin Hood Gardens estate dramatically walked out of a consultation meeting with council officials last Saturday. “Residents are fed up with the uncertainty over their future,” said Respect Councillor Dulal Uddin, who attended the meeting with the residents.

Councillor Dulal Uddin continued: “People’s lives are going to be dramatically affected by the redevelopment of the estate. The residents want answers to their questions. They were promised that officers would answer their questions once they had finished their presentation. But when it came round to it, there were no satisfactory answers to any of the crucial issues at stake. That is why dozens of residents spontaneously got up and walked out of the meeting in disgust.”

Residents have been making a number of demands of the council. These include the demand that tenancy rights would be maintained in any decant, that they should have the right of return to like for like accommodation in the redeveloped estate and their tenancy rights again guaranteed in any return and the preservation and development of community facilities.

“The fundamental problem with the redevelopment plans is that they should be for 100% council development and instead they want to put this out to development by a housing association with all the attendant problems and with insufficient new development going to alleviate overcrowding and the massive numbers on the council waiting list,” continued Councillor Uddin. “The residents are very angry and are going to fight the council on this every step of the way. I have now asked the council for a meeting with leaseholders who have their own issues in the hope we will make some more progress there.”

UPDATE: The East London Advertiser has now picked up the story

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