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Tower Hamlets Stick Fighting Club Hits More Gold

November 12, 2009

At North Romford Community Centre last Sunday the UK’s leading stick fighters, young and old, packed the hall to participate in the UK Championship 2009. This is the qualifying event for the GB Squad going to the WEKAF Stick Fighting World Championships in Mexico in 2010.

The Tower Hamlets based club “Kalis Ilustrisimo” is internationally renowned for its unique power and speed, and its members took two Gold medals at the tournament. These fighters now will represent Great Britain in World Championship in 2010 in Mexico.

Councillor Abjol Miah is a founding member and senior instructor at the club rated second only to the club’s chief instructor Shamim Hoque. Councillor Miah has taken time out from his busy schedule to support the club, producing fighters for the British Team. Councillor Miah also holds British Silver and Bronze medals in single and double sticks and represented Great Britain in the 1994 Word Championship in the Philippines.

Councillor Miah attended to the UK championship and then the medal awarding ceremony on Wednesday in the Ensign Youth Club, Tower Hamlets. “It was great meeting and catching up with the Martial Art community at the tournament and meeting so many of the old Champions and all the clubs from various towns and cities,” commented Councillor Miah. “The children’s tournament was electrifying. They were safe and secure in their padded armour, but the sticks were striking like lightning!!

“It sounds shocking but the discipline this generates amongst all participants is unbelievable. People participate from all walks of life: teachers, business people, and so on. If people want to develop self-discipline traditional martial arts is how to do it.”

Councillor Miah also singled out Shamim Hoque, the Tower Hamlets club’s chief instructor for praise in establishing the club’s international reputation.

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