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Gaza Needs You!

December 27, 2009

Dear friends and comrades,

As most of you know, the Viva Palestina humanitarian aid convoy has been forcibly trapped in Aqaba, Jordan as the Egyptian authorities have denied them entry. Convoy members are in high spirits and have requested that we contact our embassies and local MPs to contact the Egyptian authorities and grant them safe passage through Egypt to Gaza.

[Your address]

Dear ——

I have been following the progress of a convoy taking aid to the Gaza strip. The convoy consists of over 200 vehicles carrying many thousands of pounds worth of aid, and has been organized by Viva Palestina and The Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Many of the activists taking part have gone from the United Kingdom.

It has recently come to my attention that Egyptian authorities have blocked the progress of the convoy by denying entry to Egypt. The convoy is currently waiting in Jordan to be permitted to board a ferry across the Red Sea. I have heard from one person in the convoy who has described how they are cold and have little access to food at the moment.

I am kindly requesting that you use your position and influence to help us persuade the Egyptian authorities to permit the convoy to pass safely. This is very important to me, both for my hope that the people in Gaza will receive the much-needed aid, and also out of concern for my friends in the convoy.

Kind regards,
[Your full name]

Your local MP:;

Egyptian Embassy in London
020 7499 3304/2401

Clare Short (Independent MP for Birmingham Ladywood)
020 7219 4264/4148

David Miliband (Foreign Secretary/Labour MP for South Shields)
(0191) 456 8910

Nick Clegg (Leader of Lib Dems, MP for Sheffield Hallam);

British Embassy in Egypt
Tel: +(20)(2)27916000

NB. The embassy email addresses are only meant for information, so you could include a kind note to forward the message to the appropriate diplomatic staff.

Please share this note with your friends and let us do everything we can to help our comrades, who are tired and cold waiting for a ferry to Egypt!

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