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Cllr Abjol Miah: “Boris Johnson fare rises were rigged to hit less well-off Londoners the hardest”

January 4, 2010

Abjol Miah, leader of the Respect group on Tower Hamlets council, today launched a stinging attack on Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson has revealed his contempt for less well-off Londoners with this week’s record jump in travel costs. A single bus journey by Oyster is up 20% to £1.20 – meaning that since Johnson was elected it has now increased by one third. A weekly Oyster bus pass is up 20% to £16.60. The fares that have risen the most are the ones used by poorer people – bus fares have risen 12.7% whilst tube fares have risen by 3.9%.

How Johnson thinks the hard-pressed people of Tower Hamlets will manage their travel budget now is anyone’s guess. But what is clear is that the fare rises were rigged so that less well-off Londoners suffer the most.

In October, George Galloway MP denounced the rises as part of Johnson’s ‘Bullingdon Budget’ to hit London’s poor.

Councillor Miah added: “Boris Johnson’s whopping above-inflation rise for travel costs in the midst of recession pushes thousands of families closer to the poverty line. I am sure the people of Tower Hamlets will remember this come election day.”


Friday 8 January 2010 — Whitechapel tube station — 5.30pm


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