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George Galloway demands electoral reform

February 10, 2010

Speaking in Parliament in the Constitutional Reform & Governance Bill Debate yesterday, Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway demanded a total overhaul of the system of representation in Britain and called for a more responsive government in tune with its citizens’ interests.

He said:

The reforms that we need in this place are beyond the reach of the existing Members of the House of Commons. That is why we urgently need a general election as soon as possible. We need to change the way in which we approach all our politics, and in my view, that includes retiring this very building. We need to acknowledge that it has become a museum ….

I am in favour of the kind of reforms that are beyond this House….That there is cynicism is obvious. The Government are in favour of a referendum on this—a voting system that no one in the country is talking about—but on nothing else. A referendum on the Lisbon treaty, which everyone in the country was talking about, was promised in the manifesto, but it was denied.

He concluded:

Proportional representation is about giving people a House of Commons that reflects how they voted. What is wrong with a system that provides 10 per cent. or 30 per cent. or 50 per cent. of the seats in a Parliament if the party received 10 per cent. or 30 per cent. or 50 per cent. of the votes. What is wrong with that? I will tell you what is wrong with it, Mrs. Heal. It would put the iron-clad consensus that normally exists across this Chamber out of business—and that would be a good thing, too.

Read the full speech at Hansard.

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