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Galloway calls for Houses of Parliament to be turned into a museum and for a new parliamentary complex to come out of the Olympics site

February 12, 2010
In George Galloway’s second parliamentary speech in 24 hours, he this morning called for the current Houses of Parliament to be turned into a museum and for a new parliamentary complex to be constructed out of the Olympic site. Speaking in an adjournment debate on the “revitalisation of parliament”, George Galloway decried the antiquated customs and buildings in which parliament sought to carry out its work. More importantly there needed to be a complete break with the discredited parliament of the expenses scandal.
Parliament needs new facilities in order to become a 2st century legislature holding the executive properly to account.
The glory of the Olympics site is that there will be housing there which can be used by MPs who need temporary London accommodation. George wants most of the residential housing being constructed on the site to be used to alleviate the 100,000 people on council waiting lists in the five host boroughs. But five hundred smallish units could be reserved for the use of MPs from out of London constituencies, thus eliminating their need to claim a second home allowance of any description.

George’s speech this morning follows his ringing endorsement of proportional representation last night in the closing backbench speech on the proposal  for a referendum on electoral reform. He used the occasion to give the strongest support to the adoption of the Single Transferable Vote system as used in the island of Ireland and advocated in an amendment from the Liberal Democrats. The text of his speech is in the link below.

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