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Galloway supports Bangladesh government over climate change aid

February 15, 2010

George Galloway today declared his total support for the Bangladesh’s government over the vexed issue of UK aid to deal with Climate Change.   “Climate change is undeniable and the greatest threat to the world today. Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels. This could lead to the displacement of 20 million Bangladeshis, as Bangladesh government ministers have pointed out.

“It is only right then that the UK should give aid to the Bangladeshi government to address these problems, although £60 million, the sum currently pledged, is a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed.

“However the Bangladeshi government is 100% right to reject the channelling of this aid via the World Bank. The Bangladeshi government is rightly worried that aid coming via the World Bank will have strings attached and be used to pursue the privatising and spending cutting programmes that the World Bank and IMF have been associated with. The United Nations is the correct means for the distribution of this aid.   I am putting down a motion in Parliament in support of the Bangladesh government demanding a change of mind on the part of the Department for International Development.”

EDM: Climate aid to Bangladesh

This House understands the objections of the government of Bangladesh to moves by the Department for International Development to channel £60 million of aid to combat climate change through the World Bank; this House believes that the World Bank’s history of imposing free market dogmas through structural adjustment programmes and other conditions means that the government of Bangladesh is right to call for this aid to be disbursed by the United Nations; this House, therefore, calls on Dfid to agree with the government of Bangladesh to such a UN disbursal.

George Galloway MP

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