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Galloway demands Labour sacks agent after Islamophobic and racist comments

March 3, 2010

George Galloway has written to Labour’s General Secretary Ray Collins, MP Jim Fitzpatrick and Labour candidate Rushanara Ali, demanding Tower Hamlets Labour Party election agent and council candidate Graham Taylor should be sacked and disciplinary action taken against him and other members. This follows Islamophobic and racist comments appearing on Taylor’s Facebook.

Taylor attended a meeting on election arrangements at Tower Hamlets Town Hall with the chief executive Kevan Collins, chief legal officer Isabella Freeman and chief elections officer Louise Stamp, on Monday evening.

Before going to the meeting he put out the following message on his Facebook group – “Graham Taylor is off to that centre of Islamic fundamentalism – Tower Hamlets Town Hall”. A number of his Facebook friends then responded, including former councillor and Labour’s council candidate for Stepney ward Judith Gardner. Gardner wrote “Give em hell!”. Another friend wrote the disgusting racist comment: “Bring some pork scratchings” and another “Pork!”.

“This is a disgraceful example of the Islamophobia and racism now infecting parts of Tower Hamlets Labour Party,” said an outraged George Galloway. “The comments were made just before the Dispatches programme on Monday, which a number of Labour members co-operated with and in some cases inspired. These comments should have no place anywhere, never mind in a party claiming its commitment to opposing racism and respect for people of faith.

“I am demanding that Taylor is sacked as Rushanara Ali’s election agent and his nomination for council candidate withdrawn. He is clearly not a fit and proper person to hold office in the Labour Party. And former councillor Judith Gardner should also be stood down. I don’t know if the other contributors are Labour Party members but, if they are, they also should be subject to action by the Labour Party, up to and including their expulsion.”

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