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Tory-Labour witch hunt claims first Muslim victim

March 18, 2010

The witch hunt against Muslims in Tower Hamlets, and above all in the council, has claimed its first victim. Lutfur Ali is the highest ranking council official of Bangladeshi origin in Britain. Appointed in 2008, he was immediately made a target by Tory leader Peter Golds. Golds went on national TV and gave selective private information to attack Lutfur’s appointment, the first appointment to a senior council position in Tower Hamlets of a Muslim from the Bangladeshi community.

Now Lutfur Ali has been forced to resign after this vicious campaign against him and the Muslim community in Tower Hamlets. The witch hunt of the Muslim community has been orchestrated by the Conservative paper the Telegraph with the help of Jim Fitzpatrick MP, others in Labour like Helal Abbas, and Conservatives like Golds and Tim Archer.

Lutfur Ali has done a very good job since he was appointed and is praised by the chief executive Kevan Collins in the council’s press release on the matter. He has been put under terrible pressure.

George Galloway, MP and Respect candidate against Fitzpatrick, commented: “We can expect more of this as some in Labour and the Tories play the race card trying to divide Muslim from non-Muslim and divide the Muslim community itself. All to boost their miserable electoral prospects.”

Councillor Abjol Miah, leader of the Respect group and parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow, added: “We will not be divided. And we will not let them witch hunt Muslims out of the Town Hall or anywhere else.”

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  1. Fan permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:13 am

    I would really want to know what Rashnara Ali has to say on this issue and what side she takes… so far shes been very quite on all these issues

    I was trying to write some comments on Rushanara Ali’s youtube video but unable to cos of the blocks to any outside comments imposed on them. even the wikipedia is blocked as well, no one can change a word by the looks of things. There are ppl out there trying to keep her really protected away from issues public want her to speak on. they are basically trying to sneak her through the back doors. In reality what’s going to happen if she did get elected is she will stay very invisible from the BG&B public, voting on thing the Labour inner circle want her to vote on. But luckily for the people of BG&B they have real choice with Abjol Miah.

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