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Respect looks forward to thousands coming on peaceful march against the EDL

June 18, 2010

The Respect Party today issued the following statement welcoming Sunday’s march, organised by United East End and Unite Against Fascism.

“We are particularly pleased that the organisers have decided to go ahead with the march in the face of attempts by the council leadership to get them to call it off. The threat from the racist English Defence League has not gone away and we still need to say loudly and clearly that they will never be welcome in Tower Hamlets.

“We are also very pleased that intelligence from a variety of sources, including Unite Against Fascism, indicate very strongly that the EDL will not be coming to Tower Hamlets over the weekend. Instead they now seem to be concentrating on Wembley on 26th June. It seems their foray into Tower Hamlets on Tuesday was a chastening experience for them.

“Nonetheless, we still want to see the EDL banned from coming to Tower Hamlets. Their only purpose is to incite racial hatred and encourage violence against innocent people and particularly against members of the Muslim community.

“Rumours may circulate on Sunday that members of the EDL are in this pub or that. But all such rumours should be treated with extreme caution. There will be people in the EDL trying to lure younger Muslims into confrontation with other Tower Hamlets residents and with the police. We strongly urge everyone to remain disciplined and to stay on the march. We need to make this the biggest statement possible that we celebrate both our diversity and our unity against racism and fascism.”

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